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When to Probating a Will -- Estate Planning

What is “Probating a Will’ and
Are All Wills Probated in Alberta?

By Courtney Aarbo Fuldauer LLP, Lawyers

Probating a will is a procedure that occurs after a persons death where the Executor named in the will submits the will to the Court for review and approval.

Once a ‘Probate Application’ is submitted a Judge will review the will to determine its validity, and other information provided to the Court regarding the deceased, the family, the beneficiaries, and the assets/debts of the Estate. Beneficiaries will also be notified about the application.

Normally a Judge will then grant a ‘Probate Order’ approving the will and the Executor’s appointment. In Calgary at present the Court usually takes about 2 months to grant an order, once the correct and complete paperwork is filed at Court.

Most, but not all Wills need to be probated. If the deceased owned any interests in land that were not in ‘joint tenancy’ with someone else, so that on death the land interest goes into the estate, a probate must occur. Land Titles will not transfer a land interest in an estate until there is a certified copy of Probate Order registered.

If there are any bank accounts or investments of the deceased that were not being held in a ‘joint account’, or for which a named beneficiary or the investment would on death automatically receive the investment (an RRSP named beneficiary), then the will must be probated before the bank or investment company will allow the Executor to access the funds.

The rule of thumb really is that all wills need to be submitted to the Court for a Probate Application, unless really nothing of significant value goes into the estate on death because the deceased was a pauper, or the deceased’s assets were all transferred to people outside of the will through joint ownership or naming of beneficiaries on investment documents.

We do recommend that when a will needs to be ‘probated’, the Executor retain a lawyer. At Courtney Aarbo we will assist in providing necessary advise to the Executor on how to administer the Estate, we will prepare, serve, and file the Probate Application, transfer land interests once the Probate Order arrives, assist with finalizing the Estate, and be available for questions from Executors and Beneficiaries as the Estate is administered. The approximate fee cost for this work on a normal estate is between $2,500.00 and $4,000.00.

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Gary C. Courtney
Courtney Aarbo Barristers & Solicitors

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